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Quality aggregates are the key to ensuring your driveway, parking lot, or road last a lifetime. Too often in today’s world, inferior aggregates like rounded high absorption gravels and natural sands are being used by blacktop producers.

We use only the highest-grade quality limestone from our Akron quarry to produce all blacktop products. All blacktop is batched in real time with no silo storage which reduces oxidation and ensures you get the right mix every time. Don’t just take our word for it; ask around to the local paving contractors as to what facility makes the best blacktop to ensure you’re getting the best product on your job!

Our Products

  • Base Products – Type 2, Type 1, Perm Base, 37.5mm
  • Binder Products – Type 3, Type 3 Fine, 3TS, Canadian, 25mm, 19mm
  • Top Products – Type 6/6F/12.5mm, 7/7F/9.5mm, Fine Commercial AC, 1B, Type 5 Shim
  • Cold Patch – Premium MAC-5 product kept in a heated storage barn

Evotherm Chemical Warm Mix Additive

Can be added to any project with advanced notice. This additive allows for lowered mixing and compaction temperatures of the blacktop which can reduce the oxidation and improve compaction of the product. Call us today to inquire.

Porous Asphalt

County Line Stone has produced Porous Asphalt for several jobs around WNY. The product requires routine maintenance and should only be placed by a contractor who has experience placing porous asphalt. Please feel free to call us for more information on porous asphalt products.

Blacktop Products

  • Type 1 Base / 37.5mm – Industry standard base
  • Type 2 Base – Open graded base
  • Type 3 Binder / 19.0mm – Industry standard for binder course and blacktop single course
  • Type 3TS Binder – Binder made with smaller aggregate for use as surface course
  • Type 6/6F Top / 12.5mm – Surface course ideal for high volume and heavy load traffic
  • Type 7/7F Top / 9.5mm / Commercial Armor Coat – Ideal Surface course for parking lots, driveways, and roadway surfaces
  • Fine Commercial Armor Coat – A finer top variety for bike paths, driveways, etc
  • Type 5 Shim / City Fine Top – very fine top course
  • Mac 5 Cold Patch – High performance polymer based cold patch/ winter patch
  • Co-Line Cold Patch – Traditional cold patch / winter patch


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