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Crusher Run 5/8″

An even distribution of large to fine material from 5/8″ to fine aggregate.

Crusher Run 1″

An even distribution of large to fine material from 1″ to fine aggregate.

Crusher Run 2″

An even distribution of 2″ to fine aggregate.  Most Common sub-base .

Crusher Run 4″ or 6″

An even distribution of 4″ (6″) to fine aggregate.  Good for soft areas and spongy subgrade.

#0 Screenings

1/8″ Limestone to fines. Used typically for top dressing and walking paths.


Clean 1/4″ nominal size aggregate. Used for road chipping


Clean 1/2″ nominal size aggregate used for drainage and leveling


Clean 3/4″ nominal size aggregate used for septic systems and drainage

1 & 2 Blend

A clean 50/50 blend of #1 and #2 stone.


A clean stone nominal1” in size.

#3, #4 Blend

2-3″ size clean stone primarily used in construction entrances, ditches, and slope protection

Crushed Millings

1/2″ nominal size crushed asphalt millings.

Regular Millings

Unprocessed asphalt road material with some chunks up to 4” in size.

Surge Stone

Stone material nominal size from 2” to 8”

Gabion Stone

Stone material nominal size from 6” to 12”. Ideal for ditch lining, slope protection.

Medium / Quarry Run Rip Rap

Approximately 2 foot thick material down to a fine material. Great for ditch repair.

Heavy Rip Rap

2 to 5 foot thick large rock pieces.

Stackable Rip Rap

1 to 5 foot thick rock that is flat on two sides.

Septic Filter Sand

Approved in all WNY counties except Niagara.

Mason Sand

1/8” passing natural washed clean sand

3″ Granular Fill

Granular material with 3″ and smaller particle size. Generally a sandy, loamy material that compacts nicely and is preferred over general fill.

General Fill

Unprocessed overburdern that contains 3′ and smaller particles. Good for cheap fill or when filling of large voids is required.

1.5″ Eco-Run

Blend of asphalt millings & limestone crushed down to 1.5″ subbase. Economical alternative to Crusher Run 1″


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